Licking their chops for a new revenue stream, the notoriously penny-pinching Kingspei announced today the home entertainment release of the studio’s ethereal drama ‘CITY LIGHTS’!

After publicly screwing up the movie premiere date, face masks, red gift bags, and personalized notes with inspiring messages brought a smile to the face of everyone in attendance at the magical premiere of Kingspei Movie No. 7 ‘CITY LIGHTS’

Never shy of self-aggrandizement, Kingspei just released…”to be a Kingspei Goddess is more than receiving an Hermes Rose Gold bracelet, representing a proud and regal line of our leading ladies, but the role of a lifetime.”  That being said, we are currently auditioning actresses for Kingspei Movie No. 7 ‘CITY LIGHTS’

Enough is enough with this arrogant bunch! The brashest movie house around has announced the online World Premiere of Jeevo’s hit single ‘WINNER’ from his sophomore album “zer0 & 1ne”

The loudest production company on Earth has just purchased two animated shorts from animator David Dodds to be featured on their website!