I thought Suicide Squad or SS was a fun ride.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with so many too-cool-for-school characters.  I would have to think back to The Usual Suspects.  As a youngster, I was obsessed with anti-heroes.  I remember having a poster of Dennis Rodman on wall.  The badder, the cooler.  So, it is no wonder I liked the bad boys and girls of SS. 

Improving SS is not difficult.  First off, I would’ve 86’d Enchantress and her brother.  I feel like David Ayer did not get or fully understand The Joker on the level of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  I would have made The Joker a stand alone villain.  It is established in SS that he has squad of henchmen at his beck and call.  This was also established in The Dark Knight — a mastermind that can strategize, wants to see the world burn, and the power to lead men into battle.  

Making The Joker the villain would also put Harley Quinn in pickle — who does she pledge her allegiance to?  Does she support her newfound motley crew and her burgeoning friendship with Deadshot or does she side with her bad boy lover?  There could also be a Hitchockian raised suspicion of her backstabbing or betraying one side.  

Those are my main fixes.  I think two of the strongest characters, Quinn and The Joker, were under-used and by developing the plot around the latter it becomes an easy fix.  I do believe that the director did not fully understand the scope and dark power of The Joker and so a super villain finds himself relegated to the B/C plot instead of the main. Where Christopher Nolan succeeded in The Dark Knight is contrasting The Joker with Batman in a kind of ying yang dichotomy or dual existence.  One cannot exist without the other.  Why not borrow that remarkable heat and apply it to Deadshot or the entire squad?   

This is coming from a guy who never read the comic but felt disappointed walking out of the theater.  I can imagine how many of you know of greater plots that have been hatched in the comics.  Nonetheless, DC is becoming what The Joker is to Batman for Marvel.  They shoot during the day, DC shoots at night.  Marvel shoots on the main streets, DC shoot in the alleys.  I’m loving the separate universes.  DC/WB are almost there in their cinematic universe.  There is one missing link.   Maybe Ben Affleck is that piece.  We will see. 

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