What happens when you combine fantasy and faith?  You have entered the feeling universe of Kingspei Pictures.  On the screen is a hero or heroine of color going through a rough time – fighting to keep the flame within burning.  There is self-doubt everywhere our hero turns.  Should I quit?  Is it worth the fight?  What is this all for? These are a few of the existential questions dogging them.

Our audience empathizes with the hero on the screen because it is their story – the people Hollywood has long forgotten – the voice of the voiceless.  They too are fighting to keep the flame within from being snuffed out.  They too are struggling to stay the course.   

A Kingspei film is a true spiritual birth for both the protagonist and the audience as our most successful films SESEN, GOD FLY, CITY LIGHTS and THE ROLEX ignite the flickering flame within, inspire and empower.  

This is more than business. Kingspei is a lifelong relationship, watering our deepest hopes of being the people we dream of becoming.



Kingspei Fantasy Ad